Theory + Facts = Strategy

Customer Insights & Market Research

We believe that formulating the best strategy starts with collecting the right information; we ground all of our work in the understanding of customers. By integrating existing customer and business intelligence and combining it with original research, we help companies develop transformative and actionable product & customer strategies. Deep customer insights help differentiate what customers truly want from what they think they want, and what truly will influence their perceptions and behaviors. By starting with a thorough understanding of the strategic decisions that need to be made, Cyrca designs and executes quantitative and qualitative research to directly inform immediate business decisions and long-term strategic planning.

  •  Agile Customer Intelligence
  • Quantitative Research Design, Execution, & Analysis
  •  Focus Group Design & Moderation (online & in-person)
  •  In-depth Interviews & Customer Intercepts
  •  Observational & Behavioral Ethnography
  •  Social Listening & Alternative Research Methods


Business success starts with building the right product for the right customers. Whether you are seeking to accelerate growth of an existing product, leapfrog competitors, or create a new market through product innovation, Cyrca can help ensure your business strategy is rooted in a deep understanding of customer needs & buying behaviors, market dynamics, and competitive pressures. 

  • Market opportunity assessment
  • Competitive landscape analysis
  • Customer segmentation & target definition
  • Concept Value Testing
  • Product/market fit assessment
  • Pricing strategy
  • Product portfolio strategy

customer experience strategy & design

Customer experience ultimately is the expression & delivery of your brand promise. It encompasses actual product use itself, but also the physical, digital, & virtual touch-points from discovery through to service that must cohere to create a truly differentiated brand experience. Cyrca integrates customer insights, analytics, and design thinking to create compelling connections that make – and keep – your brand relevant.   

  • Customer Journey Mapping
  • Concept Ideation, Proto-Typing, & Testing
  • Data-Driven Experience Design
  • B2B customer experience strategy
  • Customer Interviews & Intercepts
  • Observational & Behavioral Ethnography

Go-to-market strategy & planning

A Go-To-Market strategy is the blueprint for product success. It defines how sales, marketing, and product management will work together to differentiate your offering and ensure it reaches customers where and when they buy. Cyrca can help define, expand, or improve execution of your Go-To-Market strategy to ensure your investments yield maximum success.

  • Value proposition & messaging development
  • Sales and Marketing Strategy
  • Channel & digital strategy
  • Audience Marketing
  • Buyer Journeys & Buyer Personas
  •  Activation and Execution Planning

customer loyalty, engagement, & retention

Growing and retaining your customers is an imperative second only to initial acquisition. Cyrca takes a holistic approach to loyalty that includes not only traditional rewards programs, but levers such as relationship marketing, customer experience, and personalization. And we help you measure and understand the health of your customer base to ensure you know what’s working and how to evolve your strategy over time.

  • Customer Base Health Measurement
  • Customer Engagement Ladders & CLV
  • Loyalty & Engagement Driver Modeling
  • Omni-channel Engagement Strategy
  • Data-driven Personalization / 1:1 Engagement Strategies
  • Loyalty Program Design

customer acqusiition strategy

The foundation of a breakthrough customer acquisition strategy is recognizing that growth depends not just on marketing and sales, but on aligning those functions with product, channel, and customer experience. Cyrca helps accelerate growth by developing a clear vision of your critical acquisition pathways and demonstrating how these disciplines need to work individually and collectively to ensure customers find and choose your products.

  • Customer Path To Purchase & Acquisition Pathways
  • Customer Journey Mapping
  • Customer Segmentation & Targeting
  • Brand Health Assessment & Tracking
  • Customer Preference & Choice Driver Analysis
  • Customer Experience Design & Innovation


Advances in statistical techniques and analytics tools and platforms now make it possible to go far beyond survey data to develop a deep and unique understanding of customers and markets that creates competitive advantage. Cyrca helps you leverage available data to move beyond what customers tell you they think in order to understand how they actually behave in the real world.

  • Customer Measurement Strategy & Design
  • Customer Engagement Ladders
  • 360° Customer Profiles
  • Predictive Modeling
  • Customer & Marketing Analytics
  • Behavior Driver Modeling