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Cyrca is a management consultancy focused on helping companies develop customer and product strategies that accelerate growth and deepen customer engagement and loyalty. We translate customer understanding into actionable strategies that are clearly connected to business results. We are strategists first, but are passionate about customer insights and analytics, because we believe the most transformative strategies spring from a true understanding of how the world works – or how it could.




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We help companies address some of the most difficult customer & product challenges:

ACCELERating Customer Acquisition

Given customer inertia and intense competitive pressures, traditional approaches to growing market share often fail to move the needle appreciably.  But companies have many more levers beyond marketing campaigns & discounts.  Cyrca can help accelerate growth dramatically by developing a seamless, integrated vision of customer needs and behaviors that can be influenced through coordinated and synergistic strategies spanning product, marketing, sales & channel, and overall customer experience.

introducing new productS

New product introductions are vital to growth, yet represent “high risk, high reward” moments since most new products fail.  Launching a new product in an existing category means taking on recognized incumbents and overcoming habitual buying patterns; launching a truly innovative product may require educating customers and adapting buying behaviors. Cyrca helps companies overcome challenges inherent in aligning R&D, marketing, sales, and service teams to successfully launch products; we work across functions to ensure you have both a winning product strategy and a comprehensive Go-To-Market plan.

optimizing THE customer experience

Customer experience ultimately is the expression & delivery of your brand promise. It encompasses actual product use itself, but also the physical, digital, & virtual touch-points from discovery through to service that must cohere to create a truly differentiated brand experience. The challenge is in determining how much to invest & where in order to drive customer outcomes. Cyrca integrates customer insights, analytics, and design thinking to create compelling connections that make – and keep – your brand relevant.  

Entering new markets

Investing in new geographies or verticals – often, literally unknown territory – warrants careful planning. Market entry also presents a unique window of opportunity to distinguish your brand and offering from established competitors. Cyrca can help you understand the competitive landscape, target the most attractive segments, and identify key success factors.  We help you evaluate the right amount of time, effort, and money to invest given the expected returns.



Customer loyalty has evolved from points-based rewards programs to a multi-faceted discipline that encompasses marketing, products & services, and customer touch-points. Effective strategies span these disciplines to reduce churn propensity, increase share of wallet, and create true affinity for your brand. Cyrca can help you understand your retention & loyalty drivers, develop a truly holistic retention & engagement strategy, and optimize your programs so you build true 1:1 relationships with your customers.

understanding customers & markets

Competitive advantage starts with understanding customers – both current and target – better than anyone else.  Yet truly compelling customer insights are frustratingly elusive – companies often have large amounts of data or knowledge that is disconnected, outdated, or, most commonly, ill-suited for the strategic questions that need to be answered. Cyrca integrates your existing customer and business intelligence and combines it with original research to develop transformative and actionable insights that answer the ultimate question: “What should we do differently?”


There is only one valid definition of business purpose: To create a customer.
— Peter Drucker


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